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Good Mornting!  So even though I found the movie to be pretty meh, I must admit that Catfish: The TV Show is a goldmine of hilarity!  First of all, Nev and Max are so hot that I wouldn’t put it past myself to write some gay fanfic about them (Max would be the bottom obvi) but aside from Nev’s luscious chest fur forest we have been gifted such gems as Mhissy (with an H).  She is the real HBIC of the show so far in arguably the most WTF episode. 

The latest episode featured a hottie named Rocky who was semi-catfished by some crazy bus-stealing faux model, and he stayed with him!!!  Although I read somewhere that they broke things off after the show, so we can disassemble the prayer circle for Rocky ya’ll.

I do question some of the “realness” however, such as the episode where that unfortunate looking boy thought he was in an online relationship with Kari Ann Peniche (Google her) and it turns out to be this crazy chick Rose which they had already interviewed (!!!!).  That does seem a little to coincidental.  I know the movie was shrouded in “real or not” controversy so I wouldn’t put it past them to stage certain elements of the show.  But as long as Nev keeps wearing those short running shorts and showing that chest fur, it’s all good!

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